assassins creed-2 / асасінс крід-2: 1

Власник перекладу встановив такі правила доступу, що ви не можете переглядати чужі варіанти перекладів тут.
Оригінал англійською Переклад українською

I'll survive. But I'm out of this fight, nipote. You'll have to face Vieri on your own.


Ci sto lavorando. [I'm on it.]


Maestro: I write to inform you that we've managed to secure another page - and strike a blow against the drunkard, Mario. Our efforts to find a translator, however, have met with complications. Giovanni's son saved him. He murdered Uberto as well. But not all the news is grim. We've managed to secure my father's, freedom. He's been a loyal and generous patron, and I suspect our hand in his release will only earn us more. I trust your conversation with Sixtus was productive? It would be in all of our interests if Francesco was allowed to carry out his plan. I will bring the page to our next meeting. Perhaps together we can discover what knowledge it contains. May the Father of Understanding Guide You, Brother Vieri.


Ave Ezio! Mario asked I hold a horse for you. Return to Monteriggioni and inform him of your success.


Grazie, friend.


And here he is! Our difensore, Ezio! [Champion!] Salute!








I see you've wasted no time starting the celebration.


And why not?! You've done us a great service, nipote! With Vieri dead, Tuscany will grow quiet once more. Do you know what that means?


Nient'altro funzionano! [No more work!]


Possiamo bere tutto il giorno! [We can drink all day!]


Puttane! [Whores!]


What?! It's true!


Si zio?


Per favore, Ezio. Have a drink!


If you insist.


A true Auditore!


No grazie, zio. I've had enough excitement for one night.


Giovdanni raised a coniglio! [pussy!]


Give me that.


Who's the coniglio now?!


Come, Ezio. Walk with me.


It's nice out tonight. Not too warm. Not too cold.


I suspect you have more than the weather on your mind.


Did you recover the Codex Page?


Si. And something else... A letter written by Vieri. It was meant for a man referred to only as Master.


Let me see it.


No surprises here.


It's the mention of Francesco Pazzi that troubles me the most. I suspect he was involved in my father's murder.


You're likely right.


I've changed my mind, zio. I'm going to stay.




I must investigate this list of names. Templars or not - all these men bear responsibility for what's happened to my family.


You see now what I meant. Their reach is long and deadly.


What of my mother and sisters?


No harm will come to them, nipote. I swear it!


I'd like to keep the Codex Page.


What for?


If it truly is a handbook for Assassins, then it will have much to teach me.


Va bene. But keep it close, boy! No doubt the Templars will seek to reclaim it.


I promise.


You should probably take this as well.


What is it?


Your father asked me to find the other pages. And so I have. Their locations are all marked here. Seek them out when you can. I'll continue my research as well, in case I've missed any.


Grazie, zio.


That's enough grim talk for one night. We should be celebrating! I order you to return to my house and commence drinking. Subito! [Right now!]


Bravo. Then I want you to infiltrate the kitchen and poison his meal.


I am at your service, Maestro.


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