Final Fantasy VII / Остання Фантазія 7: junpb_2.txt

Оригінал англійською Переклад українською

▶ 0 (map name)
Experts' Hall


▶ 1 (hei1 talk)
“Only a chosen few get
to enter the Experts' Hall.”{NEW}
“Expound the knowledge you
hold to your heart's content.”


▶ 2 (niku2 talk, niku talk)
“Oh, the wise ex-Soldier.
I want my revenge!
…I mean, review.”


▶ 3 (cloud action 5, cl_hei action 5)
“What do you wanna review?”
{CHOICE}Numbers that appear
{CHOICE}Change and Defend
{CHOICE}The gauges
{CHOICE}My help
{CHOICE}Sorry, I'm done
▶ 4 (unused)


▶ 5 (cloud action 5, cl_hei action 5)
“ATB, or Active Time Battle,
refers to the system of
time flow.”{NEW}
“If you select Wait under
ATB in the Config menu,
time will stop while you
choose magic or items.”{NEW}
“This makes it easier
to select commands.
Perfect for beginners
like you.”{NEW}
“Similarly, if you set
ATB to Recommended,
time will stop during item
and magic effects.”{NEW}
“This means you
can easily keep an eye
on the battle situation.”{NEW}
“Select this if you're
feeling pressured, okay?”{NEW}
I always go with Active, but
just pick whichever suits you.”


▶ 6 (cloud action 5, cl_hei action 5)
“During battle, white numbers
represent damage, and green
numbers represent recovery.”{NEW}
“If you don't want to be Wiped Out,
you'd best pay attention to them.”


▶ 7 (cloud action 5, cl_hei action 5)
“The Change command can
swap characters between
the front and back rows.”{NEW}
“In the back row,
you take less damage,
but your attack power
is also reduced.”{NEW}
“Change can be selected by
pressing LEFT in the
command window.”{NEW}
“Pressing RIGHT
will access Defend.”{NEW}
“Selecting Defend reduces the
damage you receive by half,
until the next turn.”{NEW}
“If you're up against a strong
enemy, don't hesitate to use
this. Of course, I never need to.”


▶ 8 (cloud action 5, cl_hei action 5)
“I don't use the Escape command,
so I can't remember all the details.
But… you guys will probably need it.”{NEW}
“Hold L1 and R1.
That should allow you to escape
from battle.”


▶ 9 (cloud action 5, cl_hei action 5)
“You can't check this at the moment,
so it might be hard to understand,
but listen up.”{NEW}
“I'll tell you about the various gauges
that are displayed during battle.”{NEW}
“The Time gauge represents the time
remaining until your next turn.”{NEW}
“When the gauge is full,
you can make a command.”{NEW}
“If you don't want to make one,
you can press △ and
switch to the next ally.”{NEW}
“It's convenient when you wanna
make {BARRET} move his lazy ass.”{NEW}
“The Limit gauge increases
each time you sustain damage.
Once it is full, you can use a
Limit skill.”{NEW}
“The gauge isn't cleared after a
battle. It will build up over time.”{NEW}


“You shouldn't use your Limit
skill just because the gauge
is full, either.”{NEW}
“It goes without saying that
choosing the right moment
to use it is critical.”{NEW}
“You probably don't know this,
so I'll tell you. There are two
status conditions known as
Anger and Sadness.”{NEW}
“Anger causes your Limit gauge
to build up faster, but your attack
accuracy is reduced.”{NEW}
“Sadness causes your Limit gauge
to fill up more slowly, but any
damage you receive is reduced.”{NEW}
“The Barrier gauge
represents certain spells.”{NEW}
“The top bar displays Barrier:
Magic which protects
against physical attacks.”{NEW}
“The bottom bar
displays Magic Barrier:
Magic which protects
against magical attacks.”{NEW}
“Both will halve damage
respectively. However, over
time, barriers will disappear.”{NEW}
“When you use spells that enable
Barrier and Magic Barrier, remember
to pay close attention to the gauges.”{NEW}
“That's all there is to it.
Check it out in your next battle.”


▶ 10 (cloud action 5, cl_hei action 5)
“There's not much I can do if you're
unable to grasp my explanations.
You must lack the brains for this.”{NEW}
“Well, don't worry.
Guys like you should
press SELECT during battle.”{NEW}
“The help messages
will do the rest.”{NEW}
“They can also show you the name
of the enemy, so even I use them
once in a while. Don't be afraid to.”
▶ 11 (unused)


▶ 12 (cloud action 5, cl_hei action 5)
“Status means just that…
The status of each character.”{NEW}
“I'll probably wind up repeating
myself, but let me go over this
with you.”


▶ 13 (cloud action 5, cl_hei action 5)
Lose your turn
until you wake up.{NEW}
Your HP steadily decreases.{NEW}
Double damage. Accuracy
is reduced. A Tranquilizer
will restore you to normal.{NEW}
Damage is reduced.
A Stimulant will restore
you to normal.{NEW}
You are turned into stone and
cannot move. If the whole party
is petrified, you are Wiped Out.{NEW}


You lose your mind and
are unable to distinguish
friend from foe.{NEW}
You are unable to cast magic.{NEW}
The Time gauge is frozen
and command input disabled.{NEW}
You lose all control and attack
wildly. Your attacks will be
more powerful, however.{NEW}
You are reduced in size.
Attacks will be ineffective.{NEW}
The accuracy of physical
attacks is reduced.{NEW}
You are turned into a frog.
I hate it when this happens.


▶ 14 (cloud action 5, cl_hei action 5)
“Phew… I'm beat.”{NEW}
“Status abnormalities can
be cured with magic or items.”{NEW}
“It's a good idea to check on
your status before buying.”


▶ 15 (cloud action 5, cl_hei action 5)
“Properties are the special
abilities available to magic
and weapons.”{NEW}
“They are essential for effective
combat. If you can use Properties,
then you're already a competent
“I'll give you a few examples.
Just examples, mind you,
so don't swallow this whole.”


▶ 16 (cloud action 5, cl_hei action 5)
Fire effect. Works well
against beasts and ice enemies.{NEW}
Ice effect. Works well against
Flame and Cold-fearing enemies.{NEW}
Electric effect. Works well
against mechanical enemies.{NEW}
The power of the land.
No effect against flying enemies.{NEW}
Inflicts Poison status. No effect
against Poison-based enemies.{NEW}
An attack using gravity.
This will hurt if it hits.{NEW}
Water. The planet's blessing.
Works well against Flame enemies.{NEW}
Awakens the heavens.
Works well against flying enemies.{NEW}
Unlocks the planet's power.
Works well against dark monsters.


▶ 17 (cloud action 5, cl_hei action 5)
“Using opposite Properties
in your attacks can have
powerful results.”{NEW}
“But be careful,
because they can sometimes
have a negative effect as well.”{NEW}
“You can use opposites
to increase the efficiency
of your defense.”{NEW}
“To see what Properties
an enemy is weak against,
you will need to use {YELLOW}Sense{WHITE}.”{NEW}
“If you get ahold of that materia,
you should definitely give this
a shot.”


▶ 18 (man1 talk)
“Hey, how's it goin'?
This is the Beginners' Hall
(Resurrected Edition)!”{NEW}
“Your explanations were
so complicated last time,
I couldn't return to the planet.”{NEW}
“So I'm here to ask you again.”


▶ 19 (man1 talk)
“What do you wanna know?”
{CHOICE}Recording the journey
{CHOICE}Healing a wounded ally
{CHOICE}Curative magic
{CHOICE}Weapons and armors
{CHOICE}Equipping materia
{CHOICE}Advanced use of materia
{CHOICE}Battle formation
{CHOICE}Checking current status
{CHOICE}Using Limit skills
{CHOICE}Other advice
{CHOICE}Nothing left to teach


▶ 20 (man1 talk)
I'm gonna need a Potion.”


▶ 21 (man1 talk)
Ex-Soldiers sure are cheap.
Okay, I'll give you ONE Potion.”


▶ 22 (man1 talk)
“I don't have any more on me.
How about you go buy one?”
▶ 23 (unused)


▶ 24 (man1 talk)
“This is common sense,
but just in case, I'll go over it.”{NEW}
“Don't open the CD drive or
swap discs before you're told to.”{NEW}
“If you do open the drive,
I can't guarantee what'll happen.”


▶ 25 (hei2 talk)
“Oh, wise one,
why don't you tell me
about materia and let
off some steam?”


▶ 26 (hei2 talk)
{CHOICE}Materia growth
{CHOICE}Types of materia
{CHOICE}Materia combinations
{CHOICE}Materia division
{CHOICE}Quantity allowed
{CHOICE}The rest is a secret


▶ 27 (hei2 talk)
“Let's cut to the chase.”{NEW}
“Different types of materia
will grow in different ways.”{NEW}
“As they mature,
most will undergo a change.”{NEW}
“For example,
Magic materia gives rise to
new abilities and spells…”{NEW}
“…and Summon materia can
be used an increasing number
of times in battle.”{NEW}
“Those that don't change will
still need to grow in order to
“That's all. Maybe that came
across a little too formal?”


▶ 28 (hei2 talk)
“Types of materia?
Here goes…”{NEW}
“{PURPLE}Independent materia{WHITE}
Enables abilities when equipped.
Doesn't link with other materia.”{NEW}
“{BLUE}Support materia{WHITE}
Can be linked with {YELLOW}Command{WHITE},
{GREEN}Magic{WHITE}, and {RED}Summon{WHITE} materia.”{NEW}
“For there to be any effect,
the materia must be placed
into linked slots.”{NEW}
“{YELLOW}Command materia{WHITE}
Enables new commands.
There's a lot of this type.”{NEW}
“Some will even change
the attack command.”{NEW}
“{GREEN}Magic materia{WHITE}
That's easy… Enables magic.
This type will gain new
abilities as the level increases.”{NEW}
“{RED}Summon materia{WHITE}
Allows you to summon a beast.”{NEW}
“The number of times you can
call a beast in a single battle
increases as the materia's
level increases.”{NEW}
“Summon materia
is my favorite!”{NEW}
“…And those are the
five types of materia.”


▶ 29 (hei2 talk)
“Combining materia, huh?
This isn't straightforward,
so let's go over the basics…”{NEW}
“First, Support materia.
The most basic combination
is {GREEN}Magic{WHITE} + {BLUE}All{WHITE}.”{NEW}
“As the magic level increases, so
do the number of spells available.”{NEW}
“With {BLUE}All{WHITE}, the level increase will
determine the number of times
the materia is effective in battle.
That about covers it.”{NEW}
Wait a sec.”{NEW}
“You can switch between
multiple and single targets
with L1/R1.


I'll bet you've already mastered that?”{NEW}
“A more advanced combination
is {BLUE}Property{WHITE} + {GREEN}Magic{WHITE}/{RED}Summon{WHITE}.”{NEW}
“If you use this combination on a
weapon, you will attach a Property
from the Magic or Summon.”{NEW}
“For example, if you equip
{GREEN}Flame{WHITE} + {BLUE}Property{WHITE}, you will
have made a Flame-based weapon.”{NEW}
“I'm getting side tracked, but…
equipping {GREEN}Flame{WHITE} + {BLUE}Property{WHITE} to your
armor instead, will halve the damage
received from Flame-based attacks.”{NEW}
“Now, that's a point…
In the case of armors,
there's a bonus…”{NEW}
“When you level-up {BLUE}Property{WHITE} materia
and apply it to an armor, your
defense to Properties is increased.”{NEW}
“At first, the damage will be halved,
then nullified, and finally, absorbed.”{NEW}
“Think about it.
If you link a high-level {BLUE}Property{WHITE} materia to
a {GREEN}Flame{WHITE} materia, you'll have an armor
that can absorb Flame-based attacks.”


▶ 30 (hei2 talk)
“Let's take this further.
Here's how you use the Support
materia called {BLUE}Added Effect{WHITE}.”{NEW}
“{BLUE}Added Effect{WHITE} is used to attach
the effects of status changing
materia onto weapons and armors.”{NEW}
“For example,
if you link {BLUE}Added Effect{WHITE} with {GREEN}Poison{WHITE}
on a weapon, your attack will inflict
the status abnormality Poison.”{NEW}
“Of course, you have
to do this properly.”{NEW}
“If you don't link status changing
magic like {GREEN}Confuse{WHITE} or {GREEN}Time{WHITE}
with {BLUE}Added Effect{WHITE}, it's pointless.”{NEW}
“If you want to see detailed
information on Added Effects,
select {PURPLE}Status{WHITE} from the menu.”{NEW}
“It may look complicated at first, but
take your time and you'll get there.”


▶ 31 (hei2 talk)
“Ah, yes, division…
Another of my strong points.”{NEW}
“I'm often told I have a split
personality. I don't believe it
myself, but who knows?”{NEW}
“Once materia reaches its
maximum level, it divides into
two. The original materia will
stop growing.”{NEW}
“It can still be used like
before, but there will be
no further changes.”{NEW}
“The newborn materia will
start with zero AP, so it will
need nurturing again from
“Once the new materia reaches
its maximum level, it too will divide.
This is how you increase your
“Ha, ha…
I almost feel divided
myself at the moment.”


▶ 32 (hei2 talk)
“Once materia starts
dividing more often,
you'll need to be careful.”{NEW}
“There's a limit to how much
of it you can carry.”{NEW}
“Since we're now officially fighting
to save the planet, it'd be wrong of
us to carry a lot of materia around.”{NEW}
“Well, actually, I don't agree.
I'll let you guess who
came up with that one!”{NEW}
“So we can only hold up to
200 materias, plus whatever's
“If you have too many materias,
you'll need to ditch some.”{NEW}
“…I mean, give them back
to the planet, of course!
Otherwise you won't be
able to take on any more.”


▶ 33 (hei3 talk)
“Hello, Mr. Expert!
Please talk to me
about Limit skills!”


▶ 34 (hei3 talk)
“There's not much to say…”
{CHOICE}Developing new skills
{CHOICE}Ultimate skills
{CHOICE}That's all


▶ 35 (hei3 talk)
“There are two main ways of
building up your Limit skills.
First, just use them a lot.”{NEW}
“Second, finish off as many
enemies as possible.
That's easier said than done.”{NEW}
“Everyone knows this, but…
When you learn a skill from
a higher level, you need to
set it in the menu.”{NEW}
“Whatever you do, don't forget.
You won't be able to use the more
advanced skills on each level until
you've mastered the basic ones first.”{NEW}
“The growth and type of Limit skills
depend on the individual, so I guess
I'll just leave it at that.”


▶ 36 (hei3 talk)
“I heard a rumor some time
ago about ultimate Limit skills.”{NEW}
“Supposedly, these skills can't
be gained in the usual way.”{NEW}
“That's all I've heard
about them though.”


▶ 37 (mtra talk)
{YELLOW}Ó{WHITE} Obtained {YELLOW}Enemy Skill{WHITE} materia!
▶ 38 (mtra talk)
You have too much materia.
Please discard some first.