Final Fantasy VII / Остання Фантазія 7: 5tower.txt

Оригінал англійською Переклад українською

▶ 1 (map name)
Pagoda of the 5 Masters
▶ 101 (goriki talk)
▶ 102 (exit push)


Пагода 5 майстрів


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▶ 103 (exit push)
“You are not of Wutai,
are you?”
▶ 104 (exit push, goriki talk)
“Outsiders are strictly prohibited
from entering the pagoda.”{NEW}
“I'm afraid I must ask you
to leave.”
▶ 105 (exit push)
To deceive people of one's
identity is an absolute affront!
Leave the pagoda at once!”


"Ви не з Утаю,
чи не так?"

"Чужинцям суворо заборонено
заходити до пагоди."
"Боюсь, я мушу просити
вас піти."

snt 3.08.18 в 16:35

▶ 106 (goriki talk)
“Ah, Miss {YUFFIE}.
Will you be climbing the
Pagoda of the Five Masters?”
{CHOICE}I guess so
{CHOICE}You must be joking!


"А-а, Юффі-сан.
Хочете зайти до
Пагоди п"яти майстрів?
Гадаю, що так
Ти, мабуть, жартуєш!

snt 3.08.18 в 16:43

▶ 107 (goriki talk)
“Then I, the Master of Power,
will be your opponent on the
first floor.”


"Тоді я, Майстер сили,
буду вашим противником
на першому поверсі."

snt 3.08.18 в 16:44

▶ 108 (exit push, goriki talk)
“Miss {YUFFIE}.
You cannot climb to the second
floor until you have defeated me.”


Ви не можете піднятися
на другий поверх, доки не
здолаєте мене."

snt 3.08.18 в 16:45

▶ 109 (goriki talk)
“Hi! They call me Shake.
I'm gonna be watchin'
your battle with Gorky.”


Всі називають мене Шейком.
Я буду спостерігати за вашим
поєдинком з Горьким."

snt 3.08.18 в 16:47

▶ 110 (goriki talk)
“Have at you!”


▶ 111 (goriki talk)
“I call… Power Change!”


▶ 112 (goriki default, goriki talk)
“It seems I found defeat,
Miss {YUFFIE}…”


▶ 113 (goriki default)
“Hmm, I thought you were just
a tomboy, but you handled
yourself pretty good.”{NEW}
“Let's see how you
do on the next floor…”


▶ 114 (goriki default)
“If I may pass comment?
I feel further training is in order.
That was most disappointing.”


▶ 115 (shake action 4, shake talk)
You have to beat Gorky first!”{NEW}
“Stop makin' a mockery
of our pagoda!”


Спочатку ти маєш здолати Горького!
Досить знущатися над Пагодою!"

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▶ 116 (yufi action 6)
“Of course!”



snt 3.08.18 в 16:49

▶ 117 (yufi action 7)
“Shaddap! Shaddap! SHADDAP!”


"Замовкни! Замовкни! ЗАМОВКНИ!"

snt 6.08.18 в 8:24

▶ 118 (init action 3)
“Who's next?”


"Хто наступний?"

snt 3.08.18 в 16:40

▶ 119 (init action 3)
“You blind?
I'm right here!”


"Ти осліпла?
Я тут!"

snt 6.08.18 в 8:20

▶ 120 (init action 3)
A childish brat
is my opponent?”


Мій противник - дитина?

snt 6.08.18 в 8:30

▶ 121 (init action 3)
“Hah! You know nothin'!
I'm more of an adult than
some dumb, little girl!”


"Хах! Ти нічого не знаєш!
Я доросліший за якесь
дурне, мале дівчисько!"

snt 6.08.18 в 8:22

▶ 122 (init action 3)
“W-what did you just say!?”


Щ-що ти щойно сказав?!

snt 3.08.18 в 16:41

▶ 123 (init action 3)
“Ha, ha…
Now who's the brat?
Eh, Miss Maturity?”{NEW}
“Don't act all big 'til
ya can get past me,
the Master of Speed!”


▶ 124 (init action 3)
“I'll show ya!”


▶ 125 (shake talk)
“Well, you have the fire of
an adult. Got the guts to
go with it?”
{CHOICE}Stop yer yappin'!
{CHOICE}I'll forgive you… this time


▶ 126 (shake talk)
“So… Gorky has been defeated at last.”


▶ 127 (shake talk)
“I shall watch.”


▶ 128 (shake talk)
“Here we go, brat!
I call… Speed Change!”


▶ 129 (shake default, shake talk)
Not bad!”


▶ 130 (shake default)


▶ 131 (shake talk)
“You don't belong here!
The Pagoda of the Five Masters is
for people who practice martial arts.”


▶ 132 (exit push)
“Hey, hey!
Don't ignore me!”


"Гей, гей!
Не ігноруй мене!"

snt 6.08.18 в 8:31

▶ 133 (shake talk)
“So when it comes down
to it, you're all mouth.”{NEW}
“Just as I thought…
A big, dumb brat!”


▶ 134 (tiehofu action 4, tiehofu talk)
“If you desire entry to the next floor,
you will have to defeat Shake.”


▶ 135 (shake default)
“Ho, ho, ho!
It is long since I was tested.
How I have ached for this.”


▶ 136 (sutanif action 4)
“So… Shake hath met defeat.
Chekhov, how long hast
thou waited?”


▶ 137 (tiehofu talk)
“A shame her luck must end here.
Staniv, you should keep watch.”


▶ 138 (tiehofu talk)
“Keep dreaming.
I'll show you that
youth is strength!”


"Мрій далі.
Я покажу, що
молодість це сила!"

snt 6.08.18 в 8:26

▶ 139 (tiehofu talk)
“Little girl…
Foolish words invite nasty burns.”
{CHOICE}Bring it on, I'm a pyromaniac!
{CHOICE}I don't fight old ladies


▶ 140 (tiehofu talk)
“Ho, ho, ho!
Let us see how well that
impudence serves you after a
battle with the Master of Magic.”


▶ 141 (tiehofu talk)
“Ho, ho, ho!
The impudence you would expect
from a child in need of weaning.”


▶ 142 (tiehofu talk)
“I call… Magic Change!”


▶ 143 (tiehofu talk, tiehofu default)
“My techniques… broken?”


▶ 144 (tiehofu default)
Much time has passed since
a display of my true power.”


Минуло багато часу
відколи я показував
свою справжню силу."

snt 6.08.18 в 8:27

▶ 145 (tiehofu default)
“Ho, ho, ho!
What can an immature
child possibly know?”


▶ 146 (tiehofu default)
“Be this the potential of man?”


▶ 147 (tiehofu talk)
“That being the case, we have
nothing further to discuss.”


▶ 148 (exit push)
“Do not make light of me
in thinking you may pass
through here unnoticed.”


▶ 149 (sutanif talk, tiehofu talk)
“Chekhov awaits thee.”


▶ 150 (sutanif talk)
“So thou hast come.”


▶ 151 (sutanif talk)
Just who am I against?”


▶ 152 (exit push)


▶ 153 (sutanif talk)
“Up to the fourth level, it is our
custom to face those from above.
Verily, I consider this the summit.”{NEW}
“That is to say,
no man hath defeated me,
the Master of Martial Arts.”{NEW}
“Wouldst thou still make
the challenge, I wonder?”
{CHOICE}You betcha!


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