Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009) / Бетмен: Лікарня Аркхема (2009): Overworld

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You're gonna need to check yourself into Medical when we're done with you!


It's the Bat, don't let him reach that door!


He's here! Get him!


You're not getting past us!


Batman, what's going on? The crazies are moving towards the Medical Facility. What's Joker doing?


He's trying to take over the island piece by piece. It looks like Medical is his next target.


Has anyone got out of the building?


I saw a doctor try and get out... He was torn apart...thrown in the water. He never stood a chance.


You wait here. I'll be back.


When they caught the doctor... I'll never forget the noise he made!


Hell, this ain't worth it for 15 lousy bucks an hour!


If anyone tries to get up here, I'm knocking 'em back. No prisoners.


I'm going to have to pick up the tobacco trail again soon, if I'm going to find out where Harley Quinn took Gordon.


No tobacco here. Gordon was taken in a different direction. I need to go search for it!


Trail's cold! I should get back to where I last saw some tobacco.


I can't see any tobacco clumps. I'm going to have to retrace my steps and pick the trail back up.


Oracle, go through the city's computers! Pull up all you can find on Dr. Young. I'll go through anything you find once I get to the cave.


A Batcave? On Arkham Island?


I built it years ago. It's best to plan ahead for situations like this.


How'd you manage to keep this a secret?


It's me, remember?


So, do you think Dr. Young's been experimenting with Venom, the same chemical that turns Bane into that animal?


Yes. I'm worried. Bane seemed even more powerful than usual. Joker wants the Venom, and that can only be trouble.


I'm heading to Dead Man's Point in Arkham North. I'll contact you once I'm in the Batcave.


They'll die if I don't take out Joker's thugs.


I can't leave the hostages!


Thank you, Batman. The guard wouldn't have lasted much longer.


Is he OK?


He struck his head when they knocked him to the ground.


Move him away from here as soon as you can. Take him to the Medical Facility. It's the safest place on the island.


OK, I'll go with him as soon as he's able to stand.


I managed to avoid getting hurt too bad. I didn't fight back, unlike Nate here.


It doesn't look serious. He should wake up any time now.


Good evening, residents of Joker Asylum. Some of our... crazier guests have crashed the party early. And when I say crazy, I mean real psycho.


Word of warning. If anyone sees a dribbling fool barking at the moon or maybe just purring like a kitten, do your civic duty. Walk up to them. Put your arm around them. Show them that you care before you wring their necks.


And then, get your lazy asses to the Gardens. I'm cooking up a little surprise and don't want to be disturbed. Understand?


Not so tough when we're not strapped down.


Yeah, wanna check my pulse now, Doc? Not gonna be so easy when I'm not doped up.


You're always doped up!


Heh, suppose I am. Takes the edge off the day.


And makes kicking the hell out of these orderlies more fun.


You hear that? We're gonna kick you some more.


Don't go passing out on us. We'll only wake you up and do it again.


I'm running out of ammo! Where are these things coming from?


They're all over me...


This is the Warden. It is vital that everyone unload their side arms immediately. I recommend unloading them into... I can't read this. Unloading them into your head.


This island belongs to me now.


Ivy's getting stronger. I need to stop her now!


I think she's still in the Gardens where you left her, but she'll be in control of it now. You'll be walking into a trap.


That's what she thinks.


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