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Власник перекладу встановив такі правила доступу, що ви не можете переглядати чужі варіанти перекладів тут.
Оригінал англійською Переклад українською





value-based quality
Ref: After Garvin See Also: manufacturing-based quality, product-based quality, transcendent-based quality, user-based quality
A view of quality wherein quality is defined by price. A quality product or service is one that provides desired performance at an acceptable cost. Quality is determined by means of a decision process with stakeholders on trade-offs between time, effort and cost aspects.






vertical traceability
The tracing of requirements through the layers of development documentation to components.


volume testing
See Also: resource-utilization testing
Testing where the system is subjected to large volumes of data.


vulnerability scanner
A static analyzer that is used to detect particular security vulnerabilities in the code.