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Власник перекладу встановив такі правила доступу, що ви не можете переглядати чужі варіанти перекладів тут.
Оригінал англійською Переклад українською

Ref: ISO 9126 See Also: usability
The capability of the software product to enable the user to understand whether the software is suitable, and how it can be used for particular tasks and conditions of use.


unit test framework


unreachable code




usability testing


use case


use case testing


user acceptance testing


user story
See Also: Agile software development, requirement
A high-level user or business requirement commonly used in Agile software development, typically consisting of one sentence in the everyday or business language capturing what functionality a user needs and the reason behind this, any non-functional criteria, and also includes acceptance criteria.


user story testing
See Also: user story
A black-box test design technique in which test cases are designed based on user stories to verify their correct implementation.


user test
A test whereby real-life users are involved to evaluate the usability of a component or system.


user-based quality
Ref: after Garvin See Also: manufacturing-based quality, product-based quality, transcendent-based quality, value-based quality
A view of quality, wherein quality is the capacity to satisfy needs, wants and desires of the user(s). A product or service that does not fulfill user needs is unlikely to find any users. This is a context dependent, contingent approach to quality since different business characteristics require different qualities of a product.