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technical review




test adaptation layer
The layer in a test automation architecture which provides the necessary code to adapt test scripts on an abstract level to the various components, configuration or interfaces of the SUT.


test analysis


test approach


test architect
(1) A person who provides guidance and strategic direction for a test organization and for its relationship with other disciplines. (2) A person who defines the way testing is structured for a given system, including topics such as test tools and test data management.


test automation


test automation architecture
An instantiation of the generic test automation architecture to define the architecture of a test automation solution, i.e., its layers, components, services and interfaces.


test automation engineer
A person who is responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of a test automation architecture
as well as the technical evolution of the resulting test automation solution.


test automation framework
A tool that provides an environment for test automation. It usually includes a test harness and test libraries.


test automation manager
A person who is responsible for the planning and supervision of the development and evolution of a test
automation solution.


test automation solution
A realization/implementation of a test automation architecture, i.e., a combination of components implementing a specific test automation assignment. The components may include commercial off-the-shelf test tools, test automation frameworks, as well as test hardware.


test automation strategy
A high-level plan to achieve long-term objectives of test automation under given boundary conditions.


test basis


test case


test case explosion
The disproportionate growth of the number of test cases with growing size of the test basis, when using a certain test design technique. Test case explosion may also happen when applying the


test design technique
systematically for the first time.


test case result
The final verdict on the execution of a test and its outcomes, such as pass, fail, or error. The result of error is used for situations where it is not clear whether the problem is in the test object.


test case specification


test charter


test closure


test comparator


test comparison
The process of identifying differences between the actual results produced by the component or system under test and the expected results for a test. Test comparison can be performed during test execution (dynamic comparison) or after test execution.


test condition


test control


test cycle
Execution of the test process against a single identifiable release of the test object.


test data


test data management
The process of analyzing test data requirements, designing test data structures, creating and maintaining test data.


test data preparation tool


test definition layer
The layer in a generic test automation architecture which supports test implementation by supporting the definition of test suites and/or test cases, e.g., by offering templates or guidelines.


test deliverable
See Also: deliverable
Any test (work) product that must be delivered to someone other than the test (work) product's author.


test design


test design specification


test design technique


test design tool


test director
See Also: test manager
A senior manager who manages test managers.


test environment


test estimation


test evaluation report
A document produced at the end of the test process summarizing all testing activities and results. It also contains an evaluation of the test process and lessons learned.


test execution


test execution automation
The use of software, e.g., capture/playback tools, to control the execution of tests, the comparison of actual results to expected results, the setting up of test preconditions, and other test control and reporting functions.


test execution layer
The layer in a generic test automation architecture which supports the execution of test suites and/or test cases.


test execution phase
Ref: IEEE 610
The period of time in a software development lifecycle during which the components of a software product are executed, and the software product is evaluated to determine whether or not requirements have been satisfied.


test execution schedule


test execution technique
The method used to perform the actual test execution, either manual or automated.


test execution tool


test generation layer
The layer in a generic test automation architecture which supports manual or automated design of test suites and/or test cases


test harness


test hook
A customized software interface that enables automated testing of a test object.


test implementation


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