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nkbss 25.11.16 в 20:22

on a typical day at school

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Зазвичай у школі ми затрачаємо багато часу на заучування відповідей на питання,

nkbss 25.11.16 в 20:23

endless hours are spent letting the
answers to questions but right now we'll

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але зараз ми зробимо усе навпаки.

nkbss 25.11.16 в 20:23

do the opposite

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we're going to focus on questions where
you can't learn the answers because

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Ми розглянемо питання, на які не можна завчити відповідь, тому що відповідей на них ніхто не знає.

nkbss 25.11.16 в 20:23

there are known i used to puzzle about a
lot of things as a boy from whole what

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У дитинстві мене цікавило багато різних речей,

nkbss 25.11.16 в 20:24

would it feel like to be a dog

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наприклад, як це - бути собакою?

nkbss 25.11.16 в 20:24

do fish feel pain how about insects was
the big bang just an accident and is

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Риби відчувають біль? А як нарахунок комах? Що, якщо Великий вибух стався випадково?

nkbss 25.11.16 в 20:27

there a guard and so how are you so sure
that it's a he and not a she

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Чи є Бог? І якщо так, то звідки ми знаємо, що Бог - він, а не вона?

nkbss 25.11.16 в 20:27

why do so many innocent people and
animals suffer terrible things

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Чому стільки хороших людей і тварин страждають?

nkbss 25.11.16 в 20:28

is there really a plan for my life as
the future yet to be written

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Чи насправді план мого життя у майбутньому ще буде написаний,

nkbss 25.11.16 в 20:28

or is it already written we just can't
see it but then do I have free will

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або ж він уже написаний, але прихований від наших очей? Але, тоді чи є у мене свобода вибору?

nkbss 25.11.16 в 20:29

who am i anyway am i just a biological

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Хто я узагалі такий? Я просто біологічна машина?

nkbss 25.11.16 в 20:30

Врешті решт, хто я такий - просто біологічна машина?

texnik_san 29.11.16 в 23:52

but then why am I conscious what is
consciousness will robots become

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Тоді чому я наділений свідомістю? І що таке свідомість?

nkbss 25.11.16 в 20:30

conscious one day and i could assume
that someday I would be told the answers

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Чи з'явиться коли-небудь свідомість у роботів?

nkbss 25.11.16 в 20:31

to all these questions with someone must
know right

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guess what no one knows most of those

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puzzle me more now than ever but diving
into them is exciting because it takes

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you to the edge of knowledge and you
never know what you'll find there

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so two questions questions that no one
on earth knows the answer to

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sometimes when I'm a long plane flight

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I guess out all those mountains and
deserts and try to get my head around

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how vast our earth is and then I
remember there's an object we see every

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day that would literally fit 1 million
Earth's inside it

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the Sun seems impossibly big butt in the
great scheme of things it's a pin break

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one of about 400 billion stars in the
Milky Way galaxy which you can see on a

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clear night as a pure white mist
stretched across the sky and it gets

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worse there may be a hundred billion
galaxies detectable by our telescopes

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so if each star was the size of a single
grain of sand just the Milky Way has

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enough stars to fill a 30-foot by
30-foot stretch of beach three feet deep

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with sand and the entire Earth doesn't
have enough beaches to represent the

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stars and the overall universe such a
beach would continue for literally

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hundreds of millions of miles holy
Stephen Hawking

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that is a lot of stars but he and other
physicists now believe in a reality that

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is unimaginably bigger still

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the first of all the hundred billion
galaxies within range of our telescopes

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are probably a minuscule fraction of the
total space itself is expanding at an

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accelerating pace

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the vast majority of the galaxies are
separating from so fast that light from

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the may never reach ass still our
physical reality here on earth is

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intimately connected to those distant in
visible galaxies we could think of them

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as part of our universe

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they make up a single giant edifice
obeying the same physical laws and all

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made from the same types of atoms
electrons protons quacks neutrinos that

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make up you and me

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however recent theories in physics
including one called string theory and

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now telling us that could be countless
other universes built on different types

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of particles with different properties
are being different laws

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most of these universes could ever
support life might flash in and out of

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