Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009) / Бетмен: Лікарня Аркхема (2009): Max

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Warden didn't want you comin' through, but, way I figure it, we're all safer with you on this side!


Good work, Batman. He's back home.


Hoped I'd never see that guy again!


Joker! Why doesn't someone just put him out of his misery?


I was here when he broke out last time. I saw what he did to that guard.


Man, am I glad you're here, Batman! If you need any help, I'm your man. I'm not afraid of these loons.


I say, strap him to a chair and fry the maniac.


You were there, weren't you? With the Mayor. What was it like?


All visitors and patients must go through the tunnel. Please.


The scan tunnel picks up all hidden weapons. You should see the kind of things people try to smuggle in here. Guns, knives, sharpened umbrellas. Man, I've seen it all.


I just need a few minutes alone with that sicko, I'll give him something to smile about!


How many times is he going to break free?


Joker killed my best friend when he broke outta here last time.


What's with him anyway? Doctors can't cure him. He just keeps smiling!


When are people gonna learn? There's only one treatment for scum like him!


What happened in the Mayor's office? I heard he tied the Mayor to a bomb!


The tunnel is mandatory. No one in without a scan. Sorry, even you, Batman.


See, he's back. How long for this time?


Does anyone actually think that freak is going to change?


He killed my friend. We both started here at the same time. Now he's gone and I'm just left with the image of what he did to him.


Thank God you're here, Batman.


Why do you keep bringing him back here? He'll never change!


I heard it was rough back there. How many did he kill this time?


Bruce Wayne came down here once for some kind of charity opening thing. Reckons he's the man. Donates a scanner and then goes home with a model. Good day's work, huh?


What's he doing back?


I heard what happened with the Mayor. News said Joker tried to blow up City Hall. Shoulda waited till it was full.


I'd help you with Joker, but I'm not allowed to leave my post.


Back again!


You think he'll ever be normal? Doc Young's always saying these things can be cured, but personally, I don't believe it.


What did Joker do this time?


Scanner tunnel. We used to just do the old body search, but the loons started hiding blades and laying traps for us where you really don't expect them. This way's safer and I've still got all my fingers.


Thanks for your help bringing him in, Batman. Security is at its highest level. Couple of minutes and he'll be in a cell. No chance of escape.


Warden Sharp has dramatically improved security here at Arkham.


Don't worry, Batman. Next time you see this reprobate, he'll be a changed man. I've got Dr. Young working on a cure as we speak.


Thank you, Batman. Joker's rehabilitation can only add to my... I mean our reputation.


What do you think made him what he is, Batman? Childhood trauma? Some kind of breakdown? He never speaks about it.


Take me back to my office. The Warden wants Joker cured.


Yes sir, he's, err, waiting for you down at Patient Handover. He got here just before you did.


Is Commissioner Gordon here yet?


Tunnel's full! Start the scan!


Scan initializing.


Open the gate! Get him out of there!


I want weapons on him at all times. Do not let him out of your sight.


There'll be time enough for you later, Cash. Speaking of time, tick, tock, tick, tock. Is that a crocodile I hear?


Got a red light.


Multiple prohibited items.


I want Joker searched again.


Errr. It's not the patient. It's, errr...


Whatcha sneak in with you, Bats? C'mon. Tell me, tell me! Batarangs? Batclaws? Bat snacks?


Scan is green on Joker.


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