Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009) / Бетмен: Лікарня Аркхема (2009): Garden

Оригінал російською Переклад українською

Joker says the Bat is on his way, stay alert and don't screw up.


Message from Joker. Batman's on his way! Reward for whoever bags the Bat!


When are we getting our upgrades, man? Joker said we'd be more powerful than the Bat.


He's got his formula. Just gotta wait our turn.


When I get it, I'm gonna rip his head off and stick it outside City Hall.


Get in line! I'm first.


Are you hungry, my poor babies? Eat and grow strong.


Such rich food for my babies.


More food for my plants.


Every plant you kill, Batman, just makes me angrier!


Stop it!


They've done nothing to you!


I'll kill you for that, Batman!


Really. He beat you all. Again. What does it take? An army of monsters?


I can't leave him to die!


If I leave, he'll die!


He's here!


It's the Bat!


Can you cut me free, Batman?


You going to cut me free any time soon?


Thanks. Are you OK?


I'm fine. I eat punks like these for breakfast. What were they doing in here?


The ones that weren't hitting me went over there and started doing something to the power controls. I have no idea what they were doing.


I thought the Gardens would be the last place those escaped goons would be interested in. So much for logic in this place.


I'll stay here. The Joker's men may try to re-take the generator.


You jerks won't last 1 minute against Batman.


Kick their asses, Batman!


You fools don't stand a chance.


Finish 'em off, Batman!


Looks like Joker has booby-trapped this control box.


This is going to be tougher than before, but it's a risk I'll need to take.


Looks like I've cut the power to another part of the Gardens.


Looks like I've cut the power to the generator ahead.


Stop, please. I'm not important. I can't help you.


You're lucky the boss don't want you hurt too bad. Said something about you being the perfect bait. Don't get it, you're nothing special. Who's gonna save you?


Yeah. And just in case someone does decide to try, we're ready and waiting.


But Batman will stop you. You know he will.


The Bat. I'm not scared of the Bat. You see Hego over there? He has a thing for blades.


Yeah. The Docs here really need to stop leaving knives around. Someone could get hurt.


When Hego gets his hands on the Bat, he'll rip him apart. Give him a new smile, from ear to ear. Match the boss's.


And look who's just turned up. Get him!


I couldn't do anything. I just hid.


They came back in. They said you were dead.


I'm sorry. They came back. Turned the power back on.


I heard him screaming as he was dragged into the plants. Then nothing.


I couldn't take any more. I just hid.


The plants came alive. I saw one pick up one of Joker's men.


Help me! Someone! Get me out of this thing!


Listen, the Bat is on the way. If you see him, send the annoying doctors to Hell. That's the down one, right?


Yeah. They're going down!


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