Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009) / Бетмен: Лікарня Аркхема (2009): CombatCave

Оригінал російською Переклад українською

I've been digging deeper into Dr. Young. According to her bank records, there have been multiple payments, starting last April until 2 months ago. Then nothing.


The payments came from a company owned by a Mister Jack White.


One of Joker's oldest aliases. So. Joker pays Dr. Young to create his army and then all of a sudden he stops. Doesn't make any sense.


I will find you. Rip your flesh like paper.


Why are we the ones trying to open it? This ain't even the main door. If we even get it open, we don't know what it will do.


I ain't going near it, you even touch the door and it'll get you.


Yeah, you remember Mickey, right?


He was an idiot. Deserved to be eaten.


I say we just tell Joker we couldn't find him. We'll be safer. No one will know.


Yeah, yeah. That'll work. No one will know. It'll be sweet.


Yeah, let's just wait it out and hope that door holds!


OK, but... Joker never finds out, right? He's worse than Croc.


You need help there? I can call the boss for help.


How long is this gonna take?


You chicken? Then open it already.


I'm trying. Do it yourself if you're so bothered.


I'm not listening!


Shut up!


Sorry, boss. Took a little longer to find him than you figured it would.


Oh! I'm sorry. I'll try and be more precise next time I'm planning an island takeover.


Hey, I didn't mean...


Criticism I can take. I mean, I'm not perfect!


Well. Come to think of it, I'm pretty close to perfect, aren't I? Where was I? Oh yes.


Criticism from a worm like you, a worm who is only crawling around free because I arranged to open his cell, is something I will not tolerate.


I'm sorry, boss. I didn't mean it like that. Please.


Well, seeing how you're apologetic, I'll just have someone drive round to your house and break your wife's legs.


But, Joker!


You got a problem with my generous nature?


Errr. No, um, I guess not. Errr, thanks...


Don't mention it. Let's just consider the matter closed. Did I ever tell you the one about the guy who came home to find his wife a paraplegic?


You there? Calling all cars. Calling all cars. Wonder who got you. Croc or the Bat? Croc old boy! You there? No? Pity!


Is there something wrong with this thing? Can you hear me? Do you need to come up here and get your ears cleaned out? Got a new way. It's a killer!


Hello. Are you listening to me? I'll teach you to hang up on me, you sniveling little worm!


I take it you felt that. The plants are going crazy. I'm getting seismic spikes in all locations. It's not good.


It's OK, I've got the mold samples. I'm heading to the Batcave to mix up the antidote.


Good. I'd tell you to hurry, but I'm sure you know what you're doing. Contact me in the cave if you need anything.


Scan and open!


It's not down here!


Joker says the Bat's got a storeroom or cave or something down here!


No way!


Joker says he's getting his toys from somewhere. Makes sense, I guess.


If it's down here, it's hidden good, so keep looking. The boss isn't happy and I don't wanna be the one to piss him off.


Yeah. Good point.


Batman, I've been running a simulation on the damage Ivy's plants will do if they reach Gotham.


They won't get that far. My antidote will stop them and Ivy.


I hope you're right. I'm here if you need me.